John Amos Comenius Research and Technology (JACRT) Symposium 2016

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The JACRT Symposium will be hosted by Bethlehem Moravian College (BMC) and will be held in Malvern, St. Elizabeth on BMC’s compound.  The symposium will consist of opening and closing sessions, a grassroot technology demonstration and a Q&A session (R&T Blizz!!!).  The symposium will be conducted in English.

The aim of the symposium is to give students, teachers, researchers, lecturers and administrators from different levels of the education system the opportunity to discuss strategies for managing the change that new technologies bring to the education system.


The symposium is one of several activities planned for the 155th anniversary.  It aims to offer a timely opportunity for the college to renew its commitment to promote best practices through research and technology, improve teaching and learning, assess progress and gaps and address new and emerging challenges in education. The conference agenda will provide a focus with the theme: Beyond All Limits: Influencing Change Through Research and Technology.

JACRT’s Strategic Objectives:

  1. To bring groups interested in education to present their works on developments in research and technology.
  2. To facilitate the exchange of experiences in technology integration among attendees
  3. To explore new ideas, educational technology products, services and applications
  4. To promote innovative use of new and emerging digital technologies in education through research.

 Structure and Suggested Topics:

Under the theme of Beyond All Limits: Influencing Change Through Research and Technology, the JACRT Symposium will seek to advance understanding of key issues related to 1) education technology leadership, 2) understanding the new educational environment, and 3) managing technology and technology-support resources.

  1. Education Technology Leadership & Vision
  • Leadership, Vision and Planning (How can modern higher education institutions be organized to ensure that they are fit for purpose – achieving their goals and purpose in the most effective and economical manner?)
  • Ethics and Policies (How do we teach our children to navigate the rapidly moving digital world – consciously and reflectively?)
  • Funding (How can institutions find resources to fund technology for teaching at a time when they are under increasing pressure to reduce costs, and when grants from government are being cut?)
  1. Understanding the Educational Environment
  • Instructional Focus (What are some ‘best practices’ in technology integration?)
  • Professional Development (How can institutions develop a culture that is ‘totally immersed’ in teaching and learning with technology?)
  • Team Building, Collaboration and Partnership (How can teachers facilitate meaningful learning across content areas?)
  1. Managing Technology and Support Resources in Education
  • Information Technology Management (What new educational management systems are being developed to support effective and improved teaching and learning?)
  • Communication Systems Management (How can ICTs improve service delivery and general management of the educational institution.)
  • Data Management (How and where should institutions’ data be stored?)


The one-day Symposium will begin at 9:00 a.m with an inaugural session, followed by the launching of an App. by BMC’s ICT Department.  This will then be followed by a demonstration of grassroot technology innovation.  After lunch, concurrent sessions (60 minutes each, including 10 minutes for questions and answers) will focus on the theme of JACRT Symposium.  The concurrent sessions will kick off with introduction of the subject by one of the speakers.  Upon completion, participants will use evaluation instruments to judge each presentation.  During the day’s event various other activities will be conducted:

  • All departments will be conducting open displays of technology integration.
  • Some visiting schools will be conducting open displays of technology integration in their schools.
  • Some sponsors and specially invited guests will be manning display booths

The goal of the discussions is to enable participants to assess and discuss theoretical and practical perspectives for handling the changes that new technologies bring to education.